The Home Purchase process

q       Initial meeting with me.

q       Agency relationship explained – pamphlet & agency agreement signed

q       Mortgage pre-approval by the lending institution

         Credit Report

            Verification of Income assets & employment

q       Home search begins

q       Initial consultation with lawyer

q       Home selection process – Suitable home found

q       Offer to purchase prepared by me – (A deposit cheque in the amount of 5%-10% of the purchase price is usually required at this time)

q       Offer delivered to lawyer for review (If so requested by lawyer)

q       Offer to purchase presented to Seller - Negotiation with seller taken place

q       Both buyer and seller agree on terms of purchase contract

q       Purchaser and agent make Arrangements for Home/Termite inspection(s) (if applicable)

q       Satisfaction of inspection(s) and other contingencies

q       Purchaser obtains homeowner's insurance (within the “Search Title” period)

q       Notify post office, & utility companies of pending moving dates

q       Final appraisal of property by lending institution[1]

q       Final mortgage approval

q       Discuss final closing costs & arrangements with lawyer

q       Deliver funds to lawyer prior to closing

q       Pre-closing inspection

q       Transfer of utilities

q       Closing settlement & transfer of deed. (Done by lawyer on the date of closing)

q       Move-in (usually the day after the scheduled closing date)

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